Legal Services Provided from Houston, Texas

Richard Gorman Law in Houston, Texas, individualizes legal services to fit each client. Whether your need is responding to a marine catastrophy, defending personal injuries or business counseling, we're able to help. Although Richard Gorman Law can assist you with your maritime and transortation needs, our maritime lawyer often provides help for clients with non-maritime problems as well.

Legal Services

Below are the common types of legal work asked of Richard Gorman and his law firm. You will constantly be updated of what is currently and potentially happening in your case.


• Personal Injury & Death
• Collision & Allision 
• Pollution
• Charter Party Disputes
• Contract Review & Assessment
• Cargo Damage
• Vessel Arrests
• Collections
• Litigation
• Local Counsel


• Business Counseling
• Trucking Accidents
• Damaged Goods
• Product Liability
• Fire Cause & Origin
• Contract Review & Assessment
• Bank Opinion Letters
• Local Counsel

To make an appointment regarding any of these legal matters or similar ones, contact us in Houston, Texas.